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Can a meal transport you to the Mediterranean? Yes! Get inspired with this set of six essential herbs.

$ 65,00

A hard to find, finishing oregano that shouldn’t miss from any well-sourced pantry. In fully recyclable, refill sachet.

$ 12,50

For a complete pantry upgrade, eight varieties of herbs and spices sourced from the four corners of Greece!

$ 92,00

A pillow sized bag of southing, sweet-scented blossoms. It makes a lot of herbal tea!

$ 24,00

Made by an heirloom variety of peppers, according to a traditional Northern Greek technique. Mildly spicy.

$ 13,50

Crush one leaf and welcome the notes of cinnamon and nutmeg. Hand-sorted by Daphnis and Chloe with love.

$ 11,00

Our Studio

Come see how our herbs are made!

Our Studio

Come see how our herbs are made!

Our studio is located in a quiet corner of central Athens, in the neighborhood of Neos Kosmos. Here you can taste our complete range and purchase your herbs directly from the source.

Given the peculiar nature of this space, at this time we can accept visitors by appointment only.

You can schedule your visit below, up to 1hr before arrival.

View address on Google Maps.

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Visit our headquarters for a testing and to purchase your herbs directly from the source!

Opening hours: Monday to Friday, from 12.00 to 17.00

If you’d like to visit on a different day/time, send us a message to book an appointment.

Our address is:
Daphnis and Chloe
Mandrokleous 19
11744 Athens

Nearest Metro Station: Fix (5 mins walk)

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Cooking tips, herb recipes, and news from our team.
With Feta, fresh tomatoes and oregano. So gratifying that it could easily replace lunch!
We’ve put together some universal advice to help newcomers with their tea prepping skills.
This breakfast favorite was handed to us years ago by chef extraordinaire & Daphnis friend, Ruth Barry.
One of the most delicious fish discoveries we’ve ever made, this mezze is a show-stopper that tastes of Mediterranean.
If you're curious to learn how to make your own herbed butter, this recipe is for you!
Sharon's herbal dolmas keep well in the fridge and make a great snack for the week 😉


Lovely purple tipped buds that have been carefully clipped from the dry, rocky hills in the countryside. The aroma? Amazing. The flavor? Fabulous. Floral for sure. Subtly Sweet. Happily herbal. To use this special thyme, simply rub a bud, or four, between your fingers. Be sure to hold your hand up to your nice as you have - the smell transports me back to the Greek countryside (if you haven't been it might make you want to go).
via Ari's Top 5
We've been enjoying your beautiful herbs with almost every meal. We love discovering them more and more. Tonight we are cooking Scottish cockles with bacon and your amazing Thyme Flowers. Simple food that turns exceptional by using a herb as the main seasoning ingredient. Everything about your products shines with joy, and every dish transforms into an exquisite meal. Congratulations!
Maria from London
Amazing flavor & packaging-overall wonderful gift! I received this spice set as a gift and I have recommended them to others more times than I can count! They are a perfect combination of spices (can be tossed in with an infinite number of dishes!) wrapped together in flawless aesthetically appealing packaging! I've thanked my gift-giver by sending her one in return!
A happy gift recipient
I really love what you do, and the quality of the herbs is just so amazing, that they make me feel so in touch with my cooking when I use them. The chili flakes are the secret to our avocado sandwich, and my secret weapon for Brocolli Raab.
Sophia from NY


Daphnis and Chloe is a culinary herb and spice company dedicated to cooks who are looking for Mediterranean ingredients of the finest quality.

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