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Evangelia’s Lemony Potatoes




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Lemon-roasted potatoes are a typical side dish in Greek cuisine, and you’ll find them made in many ways. Evangelia’s crunchy version comes with a robust and zesty flavor and will bake fast, as the pieces are small, approximately 2 fingers thick. It’s essential to pick a starchy type of potatoes, to obtain the perfect texture. We used the Cyprus variety, grown in red-clay soils, which is popular in Greece but might be hard to find elsewhere. Some equivalent varieties could be Russet, Maris Pipers, or Dutch Cream potatoes.



Preheat oven to 180°C/356°F
. Peel & cut potatoes into 1.5-2 cm cubes.


Use an oven tray covered with parchment paper or a well-oiled ceramic dish. Avoid laying directly on a metal tray because they will stick too much and rip apart when you try to remove them.


Place potatoes and peeled garlic cloves in the tray. Add wild thyme flowers, pepper, juice of ½ lemon and olive oil. Using your hands, mix well so that the liquids and spices coat all sides of the potatoes. Make sure to place the potatoes evenly on the surface of the tray without laying them on top of one another. 


Bake for 20 mins, open the oven, shake a little, now add the remaining lemon juice. Cook for another 20 mins or until ready.


4-5 large potatoes
Juice of 1 lemon
3 cloves garlic
5 Wild Thyme Flowers, crushed
Olive oil
Sea salt & pepper




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