The herb shops

Our new herbal blend has been created to make you feel better instantly. Only available for a limited time!

$ 12,50

A large-sized bag of comforting, sweet-scented Mountain Tea blossoms. It makes a lot of herbal tea!

$ 24,00

A large-sized bag of refreshing, citrusy, whole Verbena leaves. It makes a lot of herbal tea!

$ 24,00

The most vibrant and lemony Verbena that we’ve ever tasted. Great for those who enjoy refreshing flavors.

$ 9,20

A blend to help you stay focused and boost your immune system. Beautifully packaged and caffeine-free!

$ 26,00

In Greece, this robust variety from the Aegean islands is traditionally enjoyed with honey, as a hot infusion.

$ 12,80

This unique aromatic tisane that a prominent place among the island’s many legends as the absolute herb of love!

$ 12,80

Sweet and floral, this rare variety of Mint makes a flavorsome infusion and is ideal for homemade herbal drinks.

$ 16,40

This gorgeous plant is the national herbal infusion of Greece and has been part of our diet since ancient times.

$ 13,40

These extra-strong, whole leaves of Peppermint come from the foothills of the homonymous Mount Minthi.

$ 12,80