Greek Mountain Tea

Greek Mountain Tea
  • Greek Mountain Tea
    Greek Mountain Tea
  • Greek Mountain Tea Flowers

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During the winter months, there’s no better way to end your day than the sweet, floral fragrance of Greek Mountain Tea coming out of a smoking hot teacup. Rich in antioxidants and traditionally used to boost the immune system, the infusion of this delicate herb has been part of our diet since ancient times, mentioned by Greek Mythology as the food of the Titans. Greek Mountain Tea prefers growing on rocky hillsides over 1.000mt of altitude and each mountain has its own varietal. Our selection comes from a family farm on Mount Parnon, which for years has been cultivating the local variety of the region.

How to use: Use all parts of the plant – stems leaves and flowers are equally fragrant and beneficial. You’ll need 1-2 springs per teacup, dosage on taste. With your fingers or with a pair of scissors, cut springs in 3cm /1.5-inch pieces. Simmer for approximately 5 minutes in boiled water, covered. Strain and serve alone or with honey.

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