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You can now choose what goes inside the sets! Pick your herbs from the list, and we’ll do the wrapping.

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Bag of Mountain Tea


Bag of Lemon Verbena


Mountain Tea bouquet


Greek Oregano bouquet


Aegean Isle Oregano jar


Smoked Chili Flakes jar


Evros Sesame Seed jar


Selected Bay Leaves jar


Fragrant Fennel Seeds jar


Sweet Marjoram jar


Unique Greek Sage jar


Rosemary Leaf jar


Greek Oregano jar


From: $ 41,00

Two varieties of Oregano, plus the nicest Marjoram out there, in a pretty gift box.

$ 34,00

This golden-hued variety from North Greece has a nutty, earthy taste and is produced entirely by hand.

$ 11,00

Our lightweight, sturdy tote bags, are designed to last for many seasons of grocery shopping!

$ 19,00

Can a meal transport you to the Mediterranean? Yes! Get inspired with this set of six essential herbs.

$ 69,00

A hard to find, finishing oregano that shouldn’t miss from any well-sourced pantry. In fully recyclable, refill sachet.

$ 12,00

If there’s one Greek herb that we could call a classic, this is it! From an organic farm on Mount Taygetus.

$ 14,50

Four herbs for loose leaf tea enthusiasts:  Lemon Verbena, Peppermint, blossoms of Pennyroyal, and Dittany.

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$ 50,00

Your to-go oregano for classic Mediterranean cooking arrives from small organic farms around Greece.

$ 9,00

For a complete pantry upgrade, eight varieties of herbs and spices sourced from the four corners of Greece!

$ 93,50

A pillow sized bag of southing, sweet-scented blossoms. It makes a lot of herbal tea!

$ 24,00

The most vibrant and lemony Verbena that we’ve ever seen or tasted. Great for all-day herbal drinking.

$ 9,00