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Hellenic Airmail

Hellenic Airmail Cocktail




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This cocktail is an opportunity to talk about how to use herbs for making delicious drinks and tell you about The Herball – a beautiful company from the UK headed by friends with a deep knowledge of the wonders of the plant kingdom. Our reciprocal admiration for each other’s work dates back in time, and we’ve occasionally worked together, providing Mediterranean herbs for Michael and Maxim’s experiments. For this festive season, they shared two cocktail recipes with us. First in line comes the Hellenic Airmail, made with slightly aged rum and lemon verbena syrup. Recipe below. Let the flavors crafted by @theherball transport you to a world of botanical delight!



Brew 250ml of Daphnis and Chloe Lemon Verbena or Mountain tea, use around 15gr. Let it brew for a long time with boiling water, around 10-15mins. Strain the still-warm liquid through a fine strainer or coffee filter and add 250gr of white sugar to it, making sure all dissolves. Fill all into a bottle and keep cold.
Now for the drink: Take a cold rocks / tumbler glass. Fill 30ml of your favourite rum, slightly aged or unaged like Plantation or Havana Club 3yr
Add 10ml of your cold tea syrup. Now fill the glass full with good cubed ice and squeeze a lemon wedge into the drink. Stir it quickly for around 5 -10 seconds. Top with champagne. Add a lemon zest as a garnish.



15g Lemon Verbena
A slightly aged rum, or unaged like Plantation or Havana Club 3yr
Lemon zest
Champagne for topping




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