Two-Mint Lemonade Recipe

Exactly one year ago, we prepared this refreshment for a dinner with friends in Paris. Now that the weather is nice again, we are getting back outside, inviting our friends to enjoy a refreshing and cooling Two-Mint Lemonade, sitting at the sunny balconies of Greece. For the after hours, turn the lemonade into an alternative Mojito, by adding Rum.  

Here’s how to make a Two-Mint lemonade at home:

Ingredients for 4 glasses:

8 fresh lemons

4 large spoons white sugar

4 espresso shots (or 1 cup) boiling water

 1 spoon dried peppermint

1 spoon pennyroyal mint


Steep the dried mints in the boiling water for 5 minutes, then strain
Dissolve the sugar in the warm herbal infusion
Peel and squeeze the lemons. Keep the peels aside for the garnish
Mix the lemon juice with the herbal infusion and stir well.

Cut the lemon peels in stripes and use as a garnish.

Serve in tumblers filled with ice.

Extra Tip: To calculate how to make more (or less) servings, keep in mind that the perfect analogy is 2 lemons, 1 spoon sugar and 1 shot of the Two-Mint infusion per person.

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