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One of the most delicious dishes that we’ve discovered over the past years, is this bonito mezze handed to Daphnis and Chloe by Manos Zournazis.

More of an appetizer rather than a main, it will taste better when enjoyed in good company, along with some pickles and a mineral white wine. Bonito is in season across the Mediterranean from May to July.



Procedure for Fish

Divide the fish in 4 filets. If you don't feel confident about filleting and you want to save time (or the bonito), leave this part to your fishmonger. Get a non-stick skillet hot over high heat, pour 1tbsp Extra Virgin olive oil and sear the fillets one by one, 30 secs per side. Place a fillet on a kitchen board. Cover all sides with a roughly ground fennel/pepper rub and wrap tightly in cling film. Repeat with remaining pieces. Place the wrapped fillets in the fridge.


Procedure for Vegetables

This recipe uses only the skin of the zucchini: peel carefully, julienne the peels and marinate in a small bowl with lemon juice, Extra Virgin olive oil and salt. Put aside. With a fork, make 2-3 holes on an eggplant. Cook it directly on fire, 5 mins from each side, 15 mins total, until the skin has turned totally black. Repeat with remaining eggplants. While still warm, use a knife to take off the burnt skin. Put the entire, smoked and peeled eggplants aside.



Unwrap the fillets and slice in 1/2 cm pieces with a sharp knife. Serve the fish slices, the entire eggplants and the drained zucchini on a serving plate or wooden board. Dress the eggplants with their olive oil/vinegar/honey/chili seasoning. Use the liquids from the zucchini marinade to season the fish. If you want to add salt, do it at the end.



1 bonito or tuna about 1,5 kg
4 medium sized eggplants
2 medium sized, very fresh zucchini
2 tsps Fragrant Fennel Seeds roughly ground
2 tsps black pepper, roughly ground
sea salt


The Eggplant Seasoning

1 tsp Smoked Chili Flakes
25ml white vinegar
75ml Extra Virgin olive oil
1tsp Thyme Honey


The Zucchini Marinade

25ml lemon juice
75ml Extra Virgin olive oil
sea salt


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