Selected Bay Leaves

Selected Bay Leaves
  • selected greek bay leaves
    Selected Greek Bay Leaves highly aromatic from the Ionian coast
  • Balsamic Bay Leaves

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From the Delphic priestesses to the legends of Ulysses, the noble dáphne has often monopolized the interest of Greece’s mythological past but gods and oracles apart, this fragrant evergreen has also served as a cookery staple since antiquity.

Sourcing: Beautiful and bright green, our carefully selected bay leaves come from a small farm facing the Ionian Sea, where trees grow in an idyllic setting pretty similar to the one where god Apollo fell in love with the nymph Daphne!

How to use: Soups, sauces, stews, and slow cooking. Whatever fits in a large warm pot loves bay leaves. An essential seasoning for lentils, bay leaves lend a subtle, balsamic taste to legume soups. Add a leaf in boiling water to season your pasta or try to crush a couple leaves with coarse salt and whole pepper using a mortar and pestle. This homemade spice mix is great for seasoning your roasts.

Whole leaves, 6g/0.21oz

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