Fragrant Fennel Seeds

Fragrant Fennel Seeds
  • Fragrant fennel seeds closeup
    Fragrant fennel seeds closeup

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Born in the Mediterranean, fennel is probably the most widely used aromatic plant in the world.

There’s a long list of varieties, with climate and geography playing a catalytic role in quality. Color, size, organoleptic characteristics and essential oil concentration, are fundamental parameters in defining the grade. For example, research shows that volatile oil content (a parameter related to fragrance) is lowest in Indian fennel and highest in European. Smaller seeds are usually more aromatic, while brown/grey ones should be avoided, as dark color is a sign of old age and questionable quality.

Sourcing: The area of Istiea in Northern Evia, has a long tradition in the cultivation of this crop. Their sweet yield serves to aromatize the tsipouro and ouzo spirits of Greece’s distilleries. Our supplier tends his fields in person and makes sure that every year, we receive the finest part of the harvest. He’s the cause of our love for good fennel.

How to Use: Our fennel has a licorice-sweet, aromatic taste, that surprises with its intensity without being bitter. If a recipe calls for 1 teaspoon, 1/2 will do the job. Its balanced flavor makes it very combinable, and equally successful in sweet or savory recipes. Get equipped with a mortar and pestle – it will turn useful for your chili/fennel, pepper/fennel, and almond/fennel rubs. The first two will take pork and oily fish to another level, the third one is great for cookies.

Fennel Seed tea: Scoop a teaspoon in freshly boiled water (95c) cover and allow the seeds to steep for 6-8 minutes. Strain and serve. You can also gently crush the seeds before infusing them. This will facilitate the release of essential oils. High-quality fennel is packed with a myriad of valuable compounds such as calcium, flavonoids, minerals, amino acids, and fatty acids. It is believed to enhance memory and intelligence. It can be used as a digestive and to treat stomach muscle spasms. In fewer words, it makes a palatable herbal tea with great health benefits.

Whole seeds, 55g/1.94oz

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