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Our herb Journal contains recipes, news and herb related cooking tips. This way you can make the best out of your Daphnis and Chloe herbs!

“It’s interesting that whilst the Mediterranean basin is home to a large variety of aromatic plants, the finest examples rarely ever cross the narrow borders of their native lands.

You could hunt for herbs at food markets, spice stores and delis around the world, but even your best finds won’t compare to the hand-picked oregano bunches that Greek women dry on their balconies during the summer months, or to the wild thyme shrubs that fill the islands’ air with their dainty fragrance each spring.”


Produced massively even when organic, dried herbs are usually dusty, musty and of shallow taste.

The surprise in the eyes of a friend who tasted our first finds – some thyme from a Greek island – inspired us to create a company that supplies chefs and home cooks with the most exquisite herbs and spices of the Mediterranean.

Knowing that each plant has a unique character that gives its best only when respected, we focus on the terroir and source our herbs from the areas where they spontaneously grow best.

Our crops are selected by hand and processed with artisanal techniques. Our suppliers are small farms and natural plantations on the remote islands and mountains of Greece.

Most of these finds are being exported for the first time thanks to Daphnis and Chloe.

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