The herb shops

Our bouquets are made in-house by hand, using the most gorgeous Oregano batches of each harvest.

$ 14,90

This best-selling set contains the herbs you’ll need for cooking Mediterranean. Wrapped in a giftable box.

$ 71,20

Whole leaves and blossoms of a rare finishing oregano from the islands that shouldn’t be missed from any pantry.

$ 12,30

For a complete pantry upgrade, eight heirloom herbs and spices from the four corners of Greece!

$ 95,80

A large-sized bag of comforting, sweet-scented Mountain Tea blossoms. It makes a lot of herbal tea!

$ 24,00

A large-sized bag of refreshing, citrusy, whole Verbena leaves. It makes a lot of herbal tea!

$ 24,00

The most vibrant and lemony Verbena that we’ve ever tasted. Great for those who enjoy refreshing flavors.

$ 9,20

A blend to help you stay focused and boost your immune system. Beautifully packaged and caffeine-free!

$ 26,00

Two varieties of Oregano, plus the nicest Marjoram out there, in a pretty gift box.

$ 35,80

In Greece, this robust variety from the Aegean islands is traditionally enjoyed with honey, as a hot infusion.

$ 12,80

A robust Sage variety from the Aegean islands that does wonders even when used in tiny amounts.

$ 10,20

A collection of four typically Mediterranean, whole-leaf herbal infusions. Tea enthusiasts with appreciate this gift!

$ 51,20