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Mountain Tea and Mandarin Jelly




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This herbal jelly recipe is based on an original idea by our friend @athenadinners. The intention was to create a light dessert that uses herbs in an unfamiliar way. Sharon, an excellent cook, lives in LA, where the climate is similar to Athens, but pantry staples tend to be different: In Greece, no one has ever heard of Tapioca pearls; even the gelatin is different here. Therefore, the original recipe had to be tested and adapted to be more geographically inclusive so everyone could make it. Before even realizing it, we ended up with a second jelly recipe by @missgoodherbs.




For this recipe, you’ll need a small lidded pan, a strainer, and a precision kitchen scale. In a small pan, bring 200 ml water to a boil. Remove from heat, infuse the mountain tea, and brew covered for 5mins. Strain, add the honey, and stir until dissolved.


Return the herbal tea to a pan, add the 1.5 g agar-agar and boil for 4 mins, and keep stirring until the liquid starts getting gelatinous. If using gelatin, or a different type of agar-agar, prepare the jelly according to the packaging instructions.


Pour the jelly into martini glasses, garnish with a few Dittany petals, and place in the fridge to solidify for approx 3 hrs.



1.5 g agar-agar powder
5 g (approx ¾ cup) Greek Mountain Tea
3 pods cardamom, cracked
1 tbsp honey
200 ml water
½ tsp mandarin preserve*
A few petals of Dittany from Crete for garnish


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