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Little Guide of Athens

Little Guide of Athens

The last time we shared a list of our favorite places around Athens was in 2017, and that guide quickly became one of the most-read posts on the Journal. Five years later, our city has changed a lot: New spaces have opened, and previously quiet areas have become significantly busier. Ours is one of these neighborhoods: when we moved to Neos Kosmos in early 2018, there was nothing but car repair shops in the surroundings. With Spring approaching, we thought that this is a great moment to share our current favorites. Most of our suggestions are about food, but you probably expected that!


Walking distance from Daphnis and Chloe

If you’re planning to come all the way to our studio for a tasting, there are a few nice places around Neos Kosmos and Koukaki. Phita is a great restaurant and favorite spot for early dinners. Teras and Morning Bar, make the best coffee in the surroundings. At Annie’s Fine Cooking, the menu changes every day. 


Food Shopping

Deli goods from Ellinika Kaloudia, including an amazing selection of Greek Cheese from small producers. And of course, the farmer's markets: there’s one in every neighborhood, but our favorites are Kolonaki on Fridays or Kallidromiou (Exarchia) on Saturdays.



Ice Cream and Typical Sweets

Le Greche in Syntagma, Kokkion in Monastiraki, and Epik on Mavili Square are our favorite ice-cream spots. In Exarchia, Asimakopoulos makes the best old-school sweets, like Tsoureki and Kaimaki Ice Cream. Krinos on Aiolou Street has been making the yummiest donuts of Athens, for the past 99 years. Our favorite version is the half-half: chocolate and honey.


A Special experience

Movie Night at an open-air cinema: Cine Paris in Plaka, right under the Acropolis hill is a magical place, but always busy. Ekran, Riviera and Dexameni might not have historical views, but they are great spots to experience the Athenian Cinema night mood! And if you have a car, take a drive to Sounio, for a visit to the temple of Poseidon and some fish by the sea.


Snacking around

Guarantee (the oldest sandwich place in Koukaki) along with Takis Bakery, are the best options in our extended neighborhood, for a daytime snack on the go. In Exarchia, Black Salami makes amazing focaccia & sandwiches. Kora bakery in Kolonaki is great for breakfast goodies. In Syntagma, Hoocut makes some of the best souvlaki in the city center. 

More Greek restaurants

There’s the recently launched Linou Soumpasi & Sia in Psirri, which is great in every sense. And there are all-time classics like Seychelles, Kriti, and Andreas, which are great options for an easy dinner. Plaka is very touristic, but Taverna Saita is always a good option. All of them have tables outdoors.

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